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Art Hiking Trail XR - Discoveries in Augmented Reality


Art Hiking Trail XR - Discoveries in Augmented Reality

This trail in the southwest of Brandenburg leads hikers from the train stations of Bad Belzig or Wiesenburg through woods and fields perched on former glacial plains. The Nature Park Association of Hoher Fläming has embellished it with 28 works by artists from various countries, beginning in 2007 with the northern part of the loop and continuing in 2010 with the southern.

Off to new worlds with augmented reality - the art trail goes digital!

With funding from the European Regional Development Fund, as part of the EU's response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and from the Potsdam-Mittelmark region, the association has added digital art to the ten kilometers of the trail between Klein Glien and Wiesenburg, where virtual avators explain six pre-existing analogue works, as well as 5 new original permanent augmented reality works.

The association thus has a finger on the pulse of contemporary art at its most thrilling and is embellishing the real environment with digital works to be viewed through an app on a smartphone or tablet.

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To visit it, you need a charged device such as a smartphone or tablet and the Belzig app. The entry portals have free Wifi, so you can easily begin as follows:

Offsite preparation:

1. Download the Bad Belzig app to your device and open it.

2. In the app, go to 'Services', scroll down and click on the 'Kunstwanderweg XR' button.

3. Download the works of art to your device via 'Kunstwerke laden', as there is not always a functioning mobile network on the trail.

Onsite implementation:

4. Look for wooden posts with QR code markers on the Art Trail XR.

5. On finding one, navigate in the app to the matching artwork and click on "AR Kunst gucken". Your camera will now open.

6. Scan the QR code on the post with your camera and activate the artwork / avatar.

7. This now appears on the screen of your device.

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